Friday, May 6, 2011

Water Network Design

today we will talk about the steps of water networks design

1-we need to calculate the water consumption in the design year (For example now we are in 2011 but we will design out network in 2030)

2- we need to collect our data about the city which we will design (base map of this city, ground levels of this city, ... etc)

3- make the routing of our network in the city

4- choose the software which we use it (wate rcad) and make the simulation (water model)
and enter the data ( water consumption of all the city , and ground levels)

5- now we need to run our model and get the optimized model

6- draw the longitudinal sections ( profiles)
7- add the accessories (valves , fire hydrants.... etc )

we will discuss all this steps in the next posts


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