Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Properly Pump Your Septic Tank

As a matter of hygiene, septic tanks need to be clean and well-maintained at all times; however, there are many people who do not care much about this important responsibility. One of the most important steps towards a well-maintained septic system is learning how to pump your septic tank; or better yet, how to find the phone number of the septic contractor that will empty the system for you.

A lot of the material that is sent to your septic tanks stays at the bottom of the tank in the form of sludge. If the septic tank is not cleaned for a considerable duration of time, the septic tank can overflow or back up into your house. You should empty your septic tank every 1 to 3 years, depending on how many people live your household and how big the tank is. The septic tank pumping cost is a few hundred dollars. If you do not have septic risers installed the costs may be even higher because the contractor will have to do extra work.
There are chemicals on the market that can speed up the digestion of organic matter in your septic tank, but they are not a replacement for emptying the tank. They may however, allow you to wait longer between cleaning. Feel free to learn more about these septic tank cleaners.
How to Pump Septic Tank
When learning how to pump your septic tank you will quickly learn that when disposing your waste products, not everything should be put down the drain. For example, grease, insecticides, sanitary products, oils, paints and tampons should never be flushed down the toilet or the sink. Even food from a food-disposal systems should not be used unless you have a sewage grinder pump installed. Only human excrement are recommended for draining because that is what septic systems are designed to handle. Review the septic tank diagram for a quick refresher on the design of these systems.
Cleaning a full septic tank is not an easy task; there are specially designed tools used for this purpose; most notably, the septic tank pumping truck. Pumping the septic tanks is the most effective method of cleaning as it removes any trace of sludge, mud, and debris remnants that usually prevent your system from functioning properly. To make sure your septic tank maintains a healthy flow, proper pumping of the tank should be practiced every 1 to 3 years. To make sure you are doing thing rights, you may ask for assistance from your local health officers. They will provide you with necessary information on how to properly pump your septic tank and how often it should be done.
A good habit to develop is inspecting your septic system from time to time. By so doing you will make sure cracked pipes and leaks are detected and repaired early before they cause major problems. Qualified contractors can conduct septic tank inspections for you and they are readily available via the phone book and the internet. If the problem is something you can manage without calling contractors, you can go ahead and save yourself the time and inspection fee before letting in the health personnel to come and conduct their own check up.
One of the best ways to save money on your septic tank maintenance is learning about how to pump septic tanks. That way you will know what is and what is not allowed to enter your septic tank.


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